Who is Will Duett?

We are a Small Women-Owned Business.  We clean and coat tanks of all types.  We also have begun hydro blasting and painting of interior and some exterior surfaces.


"We'll do it", is the moniker for our company Will Duett.  It means that we will do what ever our customer needs for us to do for them (as long as it is legal).


Will Duett, Ltd. was founded in 2003 but has since incorporated in 2009.  Will Duett is a marine service company which has expanded into the temporary, general labor business.  We clean and coat all types of tanks onshore, dockside and offshore.


We clean and Coat:

Fuel tanks, Ballast tanks, preload tanks, drill water tanks, spud cans, sewage tanks, cargo holds on ships and barges, tanks on mud boats, diesel tanks, potable water tanks, hydro blast land based storage tanks, shipping containers, etc.

Corrosion Control:  

We are the sole distributor of Zerust products for the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.  We can apply a vapor corrosion inhibitor that will prevent rust and corrosion in 90% of all areas of a stacked rig.  We can save millions of dollars for your company by preventing rust during the stacking process...call Ricky Michael for more information at 832-628-1377.                                                                                

We also:                                                                    

  • provide riding crews
  • Rig Moving 
  • transport waste to authorized disposal sites
  • Mole lines on barges and rigs
  • Pig pipeline
  • Gas freeing fuel tanks
  • provide labor for all sorts of jobs
  • TWIC escorts
  • do environmental clean-up for spills
  • do disposal
  • do Metal Gauging
  • Clean up lots of debris
  • Demolition of small buildings and oil storage units on lots
  • Painting of buildings
  • Hurricane and severe weather clean up
  • Clean up storm drains and sewage line moleing
  • subcontract for Welders, Hammer-Riggers, roustabouts, drillers, roughnecks, crane operators and riggers
  • Mothball rigs
  • Scrapping rigs/demolition

We can do the labor for any even, just give us a call, tell us what you need and we will set you up with the right people and equipment to do the job right the first time.



                           Our Safety Credo:  "A job is well done only if it is done safely."

Ownership/Corporation Structure                                              

Debbie Michael, President, Director of Safety & Accounting, 70% Ownership
Ricky Michael, Vice President, Dir. of Operations, 1% Ownership
Ron McMahan, 19% Ownership
Mickey Green, Projects Manager, 5% Ownership
Luis Garza, Lead Supervisor, 5% Ownership