Application For Employment

Please copy this form, fill it out, then fax it to Debbie Michael at 409-684-1013.
It is the policy of this company to provide equal opportunity with regards to tall items and conditions of employment.  Will Duett complies with federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, disability, veteran status, ages or any other protected characteristics.


Name:  ___________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________________
Home Phone: ___________________________________________
Cell Phone: _____________________________________________
Soc. Sec. #: ________________________ DOB: ______________
Position Applied For: (please check all that apply)
__ Tank Cleaning    __ Blasting/Painting   __ Laborer    __ Other
List any special training, skills or certifications you have: ____________________________________
Have you been convicted of any felonies?  __ Yes      __ No    If yes,
explain __________________________________________________
Employment with Will Duett will require you to work in confined spaces (entering tanks with a circumference of 24 inches), at heights over 6 feet, offshore for long periods of time, in the heat and cold, to lift heavy equipment up to 50 lbs, and to be able to communicate with supervisors and other coworkers effectively.  Will you be able to perform the essential functions of this job without any problems?   __Yes    __No
Are you authorized to work in the United States?   __Yes    __No
What languages do you read, speak and write fluently? ___________________________________
In this job, youi will be required to travel, on short notices, and to work overtime, will that be a problem for you?   __Yes     __No
What are your long term goals? __________________________________________________________
Are you over the age of 18?    __Yes      __No
Educational Background
Did you graduate from highschool?   __ Yes     __ No
Did you attend college?      __ Yes     __ No  
If yes did you graduate?     __ Yes     __ No
Vocational or other training: __________________________________
Do you have any safety training?   __ Yes    __ No
Which cards to you have?  CSC/HSC Safety Cards ___    TWIC Card ___   SafeGulf Card  ___   Valid Drivers License  ___    Other cards _______________________________________________
If yes, please send a copy of your certificate or card.
Do you have reliable transportation?  __ Yes   __ No
Previous Employment
Campany Name: _________________________   Phone: _____________
Position: ________________________  Contact: ____________________
Employed from _____________ to _____________    Reason for leaving:
Campany Name: _________________________   Phone: _____________
Position: ________________________  Contact: ____________________
Employed from _____________ to _____________    Reason for leaving:
Campany Name: _________________________   Phone: _____________
Position: ________________________  Contact: ____________________
Employed from _____________ to _____________    Reason for leaving:
Notice of Part-time/Day-Labor Hire
Will duett is seeking the services of the undersigned as a part-time/day-laborer to work on specific projects only.  I have agreed to work for Will Duett on a single project basis only with no expectation of continued employment.  I recognize that my employment is for a specific job and for a limited time.  I will be compensated only for the time I work on the project and for no other time.  I will have no employee benefits because I am not an employee for any purpose other than control the work that I am to do on the project and for federal withholding tax purposes.  I recognize that upon completion of the project for which I am being hired, my time at Will Duett will be terminated and I will have absolutely no expectation of employment thereafter nor has any bee promised to me by the supervisors or directors of will duett.  If my performance is satisfactory, I might be rehired to work more projects in the future.  In any case, my hiring is the equivalent of that of a day laborer who works if he wants to and only if there is work offered and when offered.
Signature: __________________________    Date: ____________________
I understand that I am responsible for getting myself to a job or to the shop to go out on a job.  I understand that I will not be compensated for any expenses I receive for commuting to a job.  I also understand that Will Duett will transport me to and from a job site, at no expense to myself, If I choose.  However, I will be charged a small fee to be picked up from my home to go to work or to be dropped off at my home at the end of a job.
Quality of Work/Expectations
We expect all applicants who are hired to work for Will Duett, Ltd.  To carry them selves professionally, to get to the job on time, to call when they are unable to make it, to be courteous and respectful of the customer, the supervisor and fellow crew members.  We expect you to work safely, fast and with the quality of work that Will Duett guarantees all its customers.  We expect you to follow all company policies and safety rules.  We expect you to to what the customer asks of you without question, unless you feel that by doing so would put you and your crew members in danger.  We expect all this from our employees, and if you can not follow any of these expectations, you can not work for Will Duett, Ltd.  By signing the form below you promise to abide by Will Duett's policies and rules.
Signature: __________________________     Date: ____________________



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Application Date: _____________________      Position Applied For ______________________

Date Hired:  ______________________       Rate:  ____________

Safety Certifications   YES  ____      NO  _____     TWIC Card      YES   ____      NO   ____

Has own transportation:    YES  ____       NO   _____