What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!



Excerpt from Steven Horak URS Corporation
"I would like to start by applauding the work performed by Will Duett.  Safety and professional work practives were Will Duett's main focus on each task performed at the job site everyday.  Having zero accidents, zero near misses and always showing up to work and being on times sets the entire crew above the standard worker.  It has been an honor to oversee the work carried out these past seven weeks and I would recommend them on any future cleanup job".
Excerpt from Glenn Avants, Toolpusher, Todco Rig 254
During my first hitch at the 254 I had the pleasure of meeting and working with a crew from Will Duett...Once in a great while a supervisor is fortunate enough to run across a crew whose work is so exemplarily that it should be recognized and rewarded..I can say I have never seen a crew of this number who conducted themselves in such a professional manner as these men have...I would personnally recommend them to any one in need of your services. It was refreshing to work with such a knowledgable, courteous, and patient crew. 
Excerpt from Hugh Smith, Jr.  Project Manager - LeTourneau, Inc.
"We highly recommend Will Duett, Ltd. for tank coating.  We have worked with Ricky Michael and his employees over the years and again find that they know what they're doing, do a good job, and come prepared fof the job.  They create absolutely no problems with other ongoing work or crews."
Excerpt from Coon Hebert  Rig Manager - Ensco Offshore Co.
"I highly recommend these people for tank cleaning projects on our next jobs.  Sure was nice to have a crew you did not have to birddog."
Excerpt from John Crabtree, Jr.  Maintenance & Project Support Manager - TODCO
"Will Duett, Ltd. has completed several projects for our company - we highly recommend Will Duett, Ltd. for future cleaning projects."
Excerpt from J.C. Salinas  Manager Baker Hughes Galveston
"We highly recommend this Environmental Cleaning crew for their outstanding service and reliablility on and off the field."
Excerpt from Danny Monserrat  Material Coordinator Capital Projects          Ensco Offshore Company
"The ENSCO 68 Project group commented that they are impressed with the outcome of your crew's work.  Will Duett has again proven that they are a trustworthy company that delivers as promised - on time and safely."