Definition:  Quality control is defined as "the routine use of procedures designed to achieve and maintain a specified level of quality for a measurement system".  Quality Assurance is defined as "a set of coordinated actions such as plans, specifications, and policies used to assure that a measurement program can be quantifiable and produce data of known quality".


QA/QC is conducted on a job by job basis as all work we perform is custom work.  Below are the QA/QC program steps.

Training:  It is necessary to improve knowledge and expertise related to confined space and permit required confined space work.  Therefore, Will Duett provides all its employees OSHA safety training and training in tank cleaning procedures before they ever step one foot on a job.

Pre - Planning of work:  The program will start by meeting with our customer's representatives or project engineers to discuss all the specs of the project.  Then the Director of Operations will submit a detailed bid proposal for the project which includes costs for labor, equipment, consumables, initial and final transport of crew and equipment and customer provisions.

The Job:  Once the bid has been approved and a PO number provided, work will begin on the project.  Daily reports are provided to the Director of Operations regarding the scope of the operation (procedures, costs, and time).  If problems arise that would indicate a change in the scope of the operation in some way, the Director of Operations will be contacted and he in turn will contact the customer representative.  Together they will come up with changes that will fit the project and enable it to be finished on time and on budget.

Post Job Review:  At the conclusion of all projects, inspections will be performed by the project supervisor and a representative of the customer to insure that the work was completed as expected.  Will Duett will submit a letter of completion to the customer for retention.


This system of QA/QC has been developed and proven to be effective.


Will Duett’s Quality Management System


We have a few different steps in place to ensure Quality and Safety for any particular job.


  1. We put our supervisors through a Supervisor Training course along with the STOP program for Supervisors.  This program helps the supervisors maintain a safe work environment.  A safe work environment makes for a quality job.  We put ALL our employees through a Proactive Safety Course which coupled with the STOP program helps make our employees more safe and productive. 


  1. All of our employees go through extensive safety training through Will Duett.  All of our employees go through refresher courses after one year of employment.


  1. We have an On-Site Safety Supervisor who goes to each job, once a week to make sure that the job is being done safely and that all safety policies are being maintained.  He does a safety audit for each job he visits and discusses positive and negative behaviors with each worker, the supervisor and the safety director.


  1. Our Supervisors go through a Safety Audit at the conclusion of each job.  This audit is used to find any problems that occurred on the job and to list what procedures were used to fix the problem.  Also if any policies or procedures need to be changed or updated, this info is noted by the Supervisor during the Safety Audit.


  1. At the end of the year Will Duett does an Annual Safety Audit in which all supervisors, the Director of Operations, the Safety Director and anyone else involved in the day to day operations of the company are present.  Supervisors talk about any problems they encountered during the year, steps taken to fix the problems, and they give suggestions on how to improve safety, daily operations, and moral for their employees and the company.


  1. The Director of Operations goes over every aspect of the job from the bidding process and job survey, to the job start up and JSA with Supervisors, to the end of job completion survey with the customers.


  1. The Safety Director maintains all policies for the health and safety of all employees are being followed and updates them when needed.  She updates all programs and safety manuals and training for new and current employees.  She keeps Will Duett current on all safety and environmental issues by attending classes, research and networking with others in safety and environmental programs.